Our Workforce

Our head office houses our management, supervisory staff, armed response, cash in transit, guards supervisors, control room, training instructors, workshops, technical, investigations, equipment and administration.

Each of our guards undergoes a 2-month training programme that covers guarding services for banking, industrial, embassy, corporate, retail, residential and any other specific client requirement.

Additionally, the guards undergo physical training as well as radio communications training. Discipline is enhanced through a rank structure. This ensures an efficient and professional guarding service, which is reliable and greatly recognised throughout Zambia.

We have very strict criteria for the recruitment of the guards. We give preference to experienced security personnel with a clean track record. At the time of recruitment, a physical check is done with all residential addresses to ensure we know where our officers reside.

We clear all officers through a finger print check with the forensic department of the Zambia Police to eliminate the risk of employing guards with criminal records.

All guards are gathered collectively for inspection every morning and evening at our parade grounds before deployment. The daily parade is to ensure all guards have reported for duties in a neat, sober state. The guards are then transported to the various client locations for duties.

We pride ourselves as being amongst the best paying employers in the sector. This gives us a wide selection of the best officers to choose from, who are self motivated to give their best performance to avoid losing the lucrative packages they enjoy.